On this week’s “Make Me a Millionaire,” 12 lucky contestants were awarded a total of $280,000 in cash and prizes. Starting off this week’s show were Sonia Taylor-Tucker of Inglewood and Nicholas De Leo of Long Beach, who both won a new car on the Lucky Penny segment. Lucky Penny winners have the option of taking the cash equivalent of the car, and both Taylor-Tucker and De Leo chose the cash. Taylor-Tucker plans to pay some debt and take her family on a vacation with her winnings. De Leo, a retiree, plans to pay some bills and give some of his winnings to his adult children. Another big winner was Robert Adato of Valencia, who won $80,000 on the California Cool segment. An excited Adato halfheartedly apologized to his wife in the audience during game play by exclaiming: “I’m sorry honey — I’m going for it!” After his big win, Adato had no immediate plans for his money, declaring “She’s gonna take it all!” Berta Cruz, a bank teller from Los Angeles, would like to use the $70,000 she won in the Millionaire segment to help pay down some debt. With the “Make Me a Millionaire” progressive jackpot increasing $200,000 each week, next week’s Millionaire game contestant will have a chance to win $1.6 million.